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Demande d'emploi :

Date de demande : 19/10/2013 Contacter
Age : 60 ans
Diplôme: Ingnieur
Spécialite: thermique
Etablissement: SNC LAVALIN
Message :
I am a navy engineer, with large experience in managing technical & maintenance department as well as hands in energy audit too
08 years in marine engineering: chief marine energy systems (machines, motors, electricity and security)
17 years hotels industry: technical and maintenance manager for 4* and 5*Hotels
Construction and exploitation
(Fluid, piping, mechanical, electromechanical, motors, machines, boilers, pumps, HVAC, electricity, security)
During the construction my responsibility is the well cost estimates , surveillance and improvement of daily progress, follow up assessments , and equipment selection and application , control all the fluid piping systems to ensure that pipe systems are stored , maintained ,installed , tested and commissioned in accordance with the applicable codes , specification, drawings, and design documents
Coordinate problems and solutions between site subcontractors craft labor and the design and field engineers
Review and oversee the HVAC systems
Participate in weekly coordination meetings
During the exploitation: chief engineer of technical & maintenance department
03 years technical and maintenance management in the Tunisian aquaculture industry (08 diesel motors , 08 transformers,03 big posts’s electricity distributions, VSA big factory to product oxygen, two big pompage stations with 14 puissantes pumps (100 kw each )to pump sea water to 300 fish bassins where we find 400 oxygen pumps,factory to product larvaire) .

Seeking for technical management with your dynamic organization, to apply accrued skills in contributing towards the achievement of tangible and intangible organizational objectives
My best regards

Jilani Ben Amara

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