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Demande d'emploi :

Date de demande : 01/10/2013 Contacter
Nom & Prénom : Ben khelifa Sameh
Age : 29 ans
Diplôme: Ingnieur
Spécialite: gnie civil
Etablissement: ENIS
Message :
Dear Sir,

Highly interested by your sector activity, and in the dynamism of your company, I would wish to put my backround at the service of your company.
My various professional experiences which I had the occasion to acquire through the courses various companies enabled me to develop abilities of communication as well as a particular aptitude of team work.
My competence file will explain in details my academic and practical formations, My great capacities of adaptation, my quality of organization and my analysis logic will help me to integrate easily in your team.
Thank you for the time considering my cover letter and resume.
Sincerely Yours,

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