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Demande d'emploi :

Date de demande : 21/12/2011 Contacter
Nom & Prénom : yassin ardahoui
Age : 30 ans
Diplôme: Technicien superieur
Spécialite: electronique electrotechniqsue automatique
Etablissement: technesien seperieur
Message :
Yassine Ardhaoui
Address: Tunis Street Gabes Chenini
Tel: (+216) 52610626

TUNIS, it 20/12/2011
Mr. Chairman and chief

Subject: Job Application, as senior technician


I have the honor to inform you that I am a licensed (higher technical diploma) in Electrical and Electronics Faculty of Automatic Science of Sfax (FSS).

I have trained in electrical, installation and maintenance of electrical flat with STEG

I went on work placements as follows:

• First Aid Training 2009 Sfax Tunisia 15 days
• Training maintenance of gas turbines STEG (2010)
• Training inspection and repair of electronic boards and LED display tables
• Training of fire safety Serept SFAX

I started my job in Libya as a senior technician with a Libyan-Canadian company, which familiarized me with the idea of the electrical engineering work of transforming stations of 220 KV insidious work of Other mechanics and automatic.

I also performed various odd jobs (electrical wiring, sanding for painting, civil works and engineering for high voltage lines ....)

I am very interested in. Employment with the campany, where my Abilities can be exploited in Useful ways. I am open to suggestions from you.

I hope my application favorably retains your focus and I am at your Disposal for Any Further information.

Please accept, Mr. Chairman and CEO Expressing my best regards.


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